Being positive

I think being kind and thinking positive is underrated. If I look at the news I notice that most of the articles are based on fear. Fear of war, fear of disease, fear of the unknown. It would be nice to focus more on what is good, what kindness people show instead of always being negative.

People sometimes find it a flaw if you’re positive. One of the mindsets is that everyone tries to screw you over. “Don’t you know they are trying to con you?”, is said, or “They only come here to find their luck!” is another.

I don’t get it. It’s so tiring being negative all the time. It requires so much effort always seeing the bad into everything, but it’s so easy to just trust one another. Believing people are not inherently bad and that everyone just desperately trying to survive brings a lightness to your thinking.

Free yourself. Be more positive.