Privacy is a right you don't want to give up

The last couple of months something has been bothering me. I was aware that we are giving up privacy faster than that we are destroying ourselves through climate change, however, I wasn’t aware of how fast this privacy slaughtering is going.

It first clicked with me after I browsed a site normally unrelated to my general interest, and almost instantaneously every app or site I visited began to show that same topic. As I have my Google ad personalization turned off as much as I can, my partner also started getting the same ads. It went even as far as that anyone that came to my house started getting the same ads.

After that incident, I starting noticing it everywhere. We just accept that our email clients contain ads (I’m pointing to you, Gmail) and that anything we do on the Internet slowly chips away our privacy until we have nothing left.

I have not been on Facebook for a few years, and “deleted” my account there. I am on Twitter though, and mainly, on Google. My main email address is on Google, I log in through Google and basically, Google knows everything about me. That has to stop. There is no reason for me to give them my information besides convenience.

So I am now in the process of determining what data I’m willing to give away, and what data I do not. For example, Google can see my Youtube history. Am I okay with that? I think I am. Another one, Google can read my email. Am I okay with that? No, I’m not. That means moving away from Google for my emails. Google is definitely the not the only culprit here, but it’s a major one.

I have put myself on the tedious task of finding out who knows what about me, and distancing myself from it if need be. Joy.